No Smudging, No Drying Time and Long Lasting

How is the Two Manicure different from a regular Manicure?

A 2 week manicure starts out just like a regular manicure filing the nails, pushing back and removing excess cuticle, buffing the nail plate, it even has a lovely relaxing hand massage at the end the only difference between the manicure and two week manicure is the instead of regular polish a hybrid gel/polish is applied and cured using a LED light. 

There’s no chance of smudging and no drying time necessary. It couldn't be easier.

Unlike a regular manicure, a two week manicure doesn’t look dull after a few days either. In fact, it looks just as pristine after a few weeks. The only reason its branded as “two week manicures” is due to your cuticles growing out and maybe a few minor chips. 

Easily Removed

The two week manicure can be easily removed by wrapping each nail in acetone soaked cotton wool place on the nail and wrapped in foil for 10 minutes and then buffed off. For the best finish, we recommend returning to the salon to ensure they’re removed professionally.

Does it Damage the Nails?

This depends on your nails to begin with, anything permanently on the nails from normal polish to gels will weaken the nails slightly but weak or brittle nails may not be able to withstand a gel manicure, particularly the acetone used during the removal process. 

That having be said may of our clients have gels to give them strength as their nails break without even before having gel.



1 FREE session

when you book

a course of 6



1 FREE session

when you book

a course of 6



1 FREE session

when you book

a course of 6


French Polish +£2.50

Shade Shifter +£2.00

Collagen Socks +£12.50


Callus Peel +£15.00

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