Semi Permanent and recommended for those who want a longer term solution, with natural and bold options available. 

'People will stare, make it worth their while.'

What are Semi-Permanent Lashes?

This is the application of either one lash extension to one natural lash, or multiple lightweight lashes onto one natural lash using varying lengths along the hair shaft to give a light, natural feathering effect. 

Eyelash extensions will be custom selected to suit you, your treatment will begin with a full client consultation. Our skilled technicians will listen to your expectations and discuss the correct extensions for you.

Extensions come in a variety of different lengths, curls, thicknesses and colours so there is something to suit clients of all ages. Your lash treatment normally lasts between 1 and 1.30hours. Your treatment will be pain free and relaxing, with many clients falling asleep. Results will vary from client to client. We can only apply extensions to healthy natural lashes, we will refuse to apply something that your natural lashes cannot support, nor can we apply extensions to the skin or eyelid.

Natural lashes shed taking with it your lash extension and after 2-3 weeks you will need an infill appointment to replace the ones you have lost. Maintenance can be done every 2 to 4 weeks but you can decide when is convenient for you, as long as you have at least 50% of your existing eyelash set to qualify for maintenance sessions. Maintenance include a lash clean, lash preparation and new extensions to replace those where your natural lashes have completed their natural cycle. During your maintenance treatment it may be possible to tweak the look of your extensions, for example, longer/curlier depending on your natural lashes. Eyelash extensions are water resistant and can be worn while you shower, swim or exercise (however this is not advisable for the first 2 - 3 days). You can wear makeup but will not need mascara! AMAZING! Avoid oil based products as these can loosen the bonds.

Patch Testing
If this is your first visit  you will require a patch test at least 24 hours before your treatment. To ensure your safety we will not perform any lash treatment without a patch test, even if you have had this treatment in another salon.

Before Your Appointment
It is important you come to your lash appointment without any eye make up on to ensure best results. Unfortunately if you come to your appointment wearing a lot of mascara or eye make up, we will not guarantee your lashes as the oils in normal mascara break down the glue and may not last as long as expected. You will be advised of all aftercare during your lash treatment.

Removal of Lashes
There is no need to have these lashes removed and a new set applied, regular maintenance appointments mean you can wear these lashes for months and even years! Should you wish to have them removed, please do not attempt to remove the lashes at home! We would advice you to have them removed at the salon by a professional technician so your natural lashes will be in perfect condition.

Do lash extensions damage your natural eyelashes?
No damage will be caused as long as your lash extensions are applied correctly by our highly trained/skilled technicians and aftercare instructions are followed. Your natural eyelashes will not be damaged unless they are pulled out deliberately with the extension attached to them. 

All of our lash extensions are very easy to wear and look after. Your aftercare advice will be explained to you during your treatment. In order for you to get the best out of your new lashes it is essential that you follow the advice given by your lash technician.

Semi Permanent Classic Lashes

A method where 1 lash extension is glued to 1 natural lash. Classic lashes are perfect for clients who already have a lot of lashes, but want to add more length. Classic lashes look more natural. ​Anything from a very natural look to more defined enhancement of the lashes can be achieved.

Semi Permanent Russian Lashes

Technological advances in eyelash extension manufacture have led to the creation of the amazing super light and super fine lashes used for Russian Volume eyelash extensions – also known as 2D–8D lashes, meaning that anything from 2 to 8 of these featherweight lashes can be applied to a single natural eyelash. 

Russian Volume extensions are meticulously applied to each natural lash in a fan shape, a specialised technique allowing as many as 700 extensions to be applied to each eye. This unique approach gives a gorgeous lush and feathery look – and because the lashes are so very light you will barely feel they are there at all. Russian Volume Lashes can be tailored to each client’s desired look – 2, 3, 4 or 5 extensions to a natural lash and so on – using varying extension lengths, thicknesses and curl, and applied in wide, medium or narrow ‘fans’.  A Russian Volume set takes 150 minutes to apply and will need infilling up to 4 weeks after application. An Infill and Tidy takes 90 minutes (or 60 minutes if infilled more frequently).

Semi Permanent Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes are a mixture of Classic and Volume lashes to create a fuller set for those with thinner natural lashes or for those wanting a denser Classic set. 












Up to 3 weeks


After 3 weeks



Up to 3 weeks


After 3 weeks



Up to 3 weeks


After 3 weeks


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