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Life, executive and business coach

Clinical and Professional Hypnotherapist

Master Practitioner of NLP

Jo Dealey is passionate about helping people to improve their lives, overcome obstacles and to get on and enjoy themselves. Jo offers a personalised and discreet program to help people to overcome problems and to realise their full potential.

Jo worked within the corporate world for over 24 years as a senior manager leading high performance teams within corporate environments where she gained an excellent insight into the many issues that people face.

Jo first studied NLP® as a way to help herself to overcome a few of her own problems.  Once she discovered NLP, the changes were incredible!  Jo’s life rapidly transformed for the better.  With these newly learned skills Jo felt inspired to help others to overcome their own problems.  Jo continued studying with Richard Bandler, the co-founder of NLP®, Paul McKenna, John La Valle and June O’Driscoll.  She is now an accredited executive, life and business coach, a professional & clinical hypnotherapist and a licensed master practitioner of NLP®.

The various techniques that Jo uses, particularly when combined with her own experiences, are extremely effective for overcoming a wide variety of problems and obstacles.

The new ways of thinking and living has completely transformed Jo’s life and now she wants to help you to change your life for the better.

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867a Forest Road, London E17 4AT

020 8527 9595

Tuesday 10am - 8pm

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Earlier and later appointment can be arranged with individual therapists.

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