Life coaches utilise techniques to help their clients in all aspects of life. If you've ever struggled with something - whether it be sticking to a diet, learning a language, moving out of your comfort zone, standing up for yourself at work, then consulting a life coach could help you

Life Coaching Session £90

What can a coach help me with?

However you approach life, your life coach will be able to tailor your sessions to fit. Subjects life coaches deal with include:

  • Love life - Do you wish you had the confidence to approach someone you have your eye on? Do you struggle with commitment? Are you struggling to cope with a divorce? Whatever the problem, a life coach could help you to understand your love-life and work towards improving it.

  • Business life - Starting and running a business is tough work. Sometimes we get so absorbed in hard work we neglect ourselves. Life coaches can help with confidence, leadership, decision-making and work/life balance.

  • Personal life - Do you feel like you're not making the most of life? There's so much to see, do and learn in this world, but often a lack of confidence, time and will-power can cause us to stay inside not doing anything. Life coaches use specialist skills to motivate their clients to do the things they want to do, so they can finally fight the urge to procrastinate.

  • Performance - Improvement is at the heart of life coaching. Whatever your skill, life coaching could help improve it. Whether you're an athlete, an artist, a writer, a performer, or a musician - adopting specialist techniques will help you to push your limitations and exceed expectations.

Who is our life coach?

  • Jo Dealey is passionate about helping people to improve their lives, overcome obstacles and to get on and enjoy themselves. She offers a personalised and discreet program to help you overcome problems.

  • She first studied NLP™ as a way to help myself overcome a few of my own problems.  Having worked within the corporate world for over 24 years as a senior manager leading high performance teams within corporate environments she gained an excellent insight into the many issues that people face.  

  • Once Jo discovered NLP,  the changes were incredible!  Not only was her life changing for the better but I was also excited to find that I could help those around me.

  • She continued to study with Richard Bandler, the co-founder of NLP™, Paul McKenna, John La Valle and June O'Driscoll.  She is now an accredited executive, life and business coach, a licensed master practitioner of NLP™ and a professional & clinical hypnotherapist.  She has found the techniques, particularly when combined with my own experiences, to be extremely effective with overcoming numerous problems and addictions.

Therapists that provide this service:

Jo Dealey

Sarah Mayston

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