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Utilizing techniques of classical hypnosis, Hypnotic-Coaching focuses on the achievement of goals: Performance goals, Learning goals and Fulfillment goals.Hypnotic coaching is like life coaching that is turbo charged. 

What is hypnotic coaching?

A hypnotic coach is a coach who uses hypnotism to accelerate his or her clients’ momentum toward their goals. Whereas a traditional coach works with a client on goal setting, accountability and motivational support, the hypnotic coach also adds the power of hypnotism.  These sessions help the client break through barriers that he or she has identified in the coaching sessions as holding him or her back from full self-expression and success.

A hypnotic coach is also a hypnotist who uses the discipline of coaching to deepen hypnotism’s effectiveness by applying conscious as well as subconscious support.  He or she has training and experience in personal and business coaching as well as in hypnotism and uses both to help the client achieve his or her goals.  Unlike a hypnotherapist, a hypnotic coach does not claim to perform therapy. He or she works with people who are well and wish help to achieve at a higher level.

This is not to say that a hypnotic coach will not help a client unearth and break through personality traits that are barriers to success and happiness. However, “fixing” people is not the purpose of hypnotic coaching, simply a byproduct of helping the client reach his or her goals.

A good way to think about hypnotic coaching is as full throttle, supercharged coaching. Many factors hold people back from achieving their dreams. Hypnotism provides the emotional force necessary to create and sustain motivation. hypnotic coaching is a powerful tool that keeps you moving despite whatever barriers may arise.


Hypnotic Coaches work with anyone who wants more out of life.

  • A more satisfying life.

  • Financial security.

  • Increase career accomplishment.

  • A happy relationship.

  • Better health.

  • A more balanced life.

  • Improve Spirituality.

  • All are possible coaching areas.


Hypnotic Coaching Sessions:

During your initial free 20 minute consultation Sarah will discuss with you whether hypnosis, coaching or hypnotic coaching is best suited to your needs. For those who hypnotic coaching is most suited together you will work out what the root cause of the presenting issue is. This will help Sarah to offer suggestions on how best to overcome whatever issue you’re having. Sarah will create a state of awareness where you can access your unconscious and make deep-seated and lasting changes.

  • Find solutions to long-standing problems.

  • Wipe away old limiting beliefs and negative thoughts 

  • Develop new positive thoughts and new healthier habits

  • Facilitate realistic and achievable goals

  • Take active control of your health, your career, your relationships, and your life in general

Who is our hypnotic coach practitioner?

Sarah is a psychotherapist, specialising in hypnosis and life coaching.

Sarah has had a varied career in mental health; working Barnardos, mental health charities and within the NHS. Her career has included working with children with emotional and behavioural problems, as a mental health support worker and within the criminal justice system.


She has also engaged with volunteer positions in Samaritans, Crisis, Psycare and Circles.

"I have had a varied mental health career and have experienced working with a large range of clients including people with complex mental health difficulties, trauma, emotional behavioural problems and learning difficulties. I continue to work in the NHS as a forensic mental health practitioner, assessing and coaching clients to flourish. In addition I have built up my private practice as a hypnotherapist and life coach.

When I work with my clients I initially look at three areas. Where are you now? Where would you like to be? What's stopping making the required changes? Using this model I am able to effectively deal with a vast array of conditions and often work on coaching clients in many different aspects of their lives. I have a holistic approach with an emphasis on using trance assisted processes and utilizing the sub-conscious to support clients to achieve their full potential”

Therapists that provide this service:

Jo Dealey

Sarah Mayston

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